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Legendary Weps

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No, i think /some/ of them are ugly, but i think some of the gen1 weapons are ugly too.

Gen weapons 1 weapons i consider ugly.Zap(bolt, dislike the wireframe look love the fx it has though :( ) whichever,Dawn, Dusk and eternity, Juggernaught. and The Moot.

Gen 2 weapons i consider ugly.Shashoo(the shield), the torch, and the rifle.

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Essentially the Legendary weapons are mostly either "Joke weapon" or "Sparkle weapons". So unless you happen to like those styles (look like a clown, or an emo-vampire or something), then just avoid them.

I think the stat swapping could be useful on some weapons, but I just run most of my weapons as Zerk anyways and rather just change my trinkets for stat changes most of the time. So I don't find enough use out of it to bother getting one. It's cheaper and easier (sigils) to just keep 2 versions (zerk and condi or tank etc) of the weapon than bothering to get a legendary anyways.

Basically when considering a Legendary consider why you want it:

  • Prestige
  • Skin
  • Stat-swap

And ponder for yourself if your answer is worth the time over just using an exotic weapon (they work just fine) or getting 1-2 ascended. (Or just buying another skin of the TP that you like the look of).

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No matter how much you hate a skin, some 10-30% of the community will love, love, love it. No matter how much you like a skin, we can find 10-30% of the community that hate it. ANet's designers seem to prefer ornate over elegance, flame over frost, reds over greens, edge lord over Lord Ezh. If 10 spikes|skulls are good, they seem to think, then 100 are better. Still, a ton of people go for that sort of thing, so it's hardly shocking that ANet devs do, too.

Generally, I like or love only about 10-20% of skins in any game. So I just wait patiently for another dozen skins before I find the one I want.

I never want ANet to make fewer of the things I hate, because that probably would be bad for business. Instead, I always hope that they'll figure out a way to make more things, since the more they produce, the more likely it is that there's something I like.

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