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Thank you for Engi changes


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Elixir H was always one of my least favorite healing skills in the game, and now I might use it in an Alchemy build. RNG boons are fun on paper, guaranteed boons more satisfying in practice. Also we might see some people try condi holosmith now...? :)

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The idea behind removing RNG from elixirs is a good one and props to Anet dev team for going for it but while doing so they removed a lot of utility from engi by doing what they did with toss elixir U.I not only used that as a way to stop projectiles from enemies but also as a combo field in bad situations or even to protect siege from being disabled in a pinch.Now I can give some quickness to people around me and "break their stun" which they will most likely have done it already themselves when my little elixir projectile hit the ground, and that is, if it hits the ground before hitting some warrior bubble or enemy with aegis on.

Anet doesn't really go back in their design decisions so I'm not going to hold my breath, it's still an OK elixir we just lost some huge potential on the toss version maybe they thought this elixir needed more use in pve other than some special moments where the party needed some reflects and so on.Which reminds me that considering it's pve someone would have an army of chronos anyways which further make the new toss elixir U kinda redundant.

The rest of the changes were just minor tweaks which isn't bad but isn't great either, from numbers alone condi engi probably gained 5% more dps than before, is this enough to compete with the current meta builds? I'm not really in a position to say this since I'm not really the expert in pve so I will leave for our resident pro engis to do benchmarks.

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