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Crafting Exotic Harrier's?

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If you do wvw or pvp you can do the Crystal Desert Reward track which gives you an armor chest at the end which is stat selectable.

Also the Glorious reward track in pvp or Triumphant reward track in wvw gives you a stat selectable armor piece which has every stat available to choose from.

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@Cyninja.2954 said:There is some few sets which are quite expensive even as exotic versions, Harrier is one of them.

I would suggest to get Magi armor and use harrier trinkets for now (or some similar combination which uses cheaper exotic armor). Not sure it is worth the gold investment to get harrier exotic armor.

I agree with Cyninja especially if you are looking at exotic. Personally, when ppl ask about crafting exotic for certain stats, I tell them to skip exotic and go right to ascended because it is a waste of the Exotic insignia.

Personally I went with Magi for my ascended set and then stat swapped it in the forge as I got the insignias. I still run a couple of Magi Trinkets but you could farm fractals and/or WvW/PvP and buy the Mist trinkets as they are stat selectable and reselectable. And yes, they have harrier stats.

If you are just looking for an exotic set with Boon duration, you do have other options such as Givers and mix it with Magi. Good luck!

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Can anyone please tell me where to buy the recipe for the insignia of the harrier, I know you get the inscription from the heart vendors in Vabbi, but I can't for the life of me find the insignia, the wiki says its discoverable but even with the exact materials in my bags they either don't show up in mystic forge or they won't combine with anything.

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