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Introducing the (original) Guild Wars support site!

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  • ArenaNet Staff

Hello everyone! In an effort to better support our community and their adventures through Tyria, I’m excited to announce the launch of a new support site dedicated entirely to the original Guild Wars experience:

This knowledge base serves as the ArenaNet Support Team’s central repository of articles and solutions to common issues that can arise while playing Guild Wars, Nightfall, Factions, Guild Wars: Eye of the North, and the Guild Wars Beyond chapters, including the War in Kryta, Hearts of the North, and Winds of Change. While the official Guild Wars wiki should still be your go-to place for answers about the game itself (a site I’d highly recommend as someone who uses it often), the Guild Wars Support site is available to provide helpful troubleshooting steps, useful links, and other resources to help you work through any problems that prevent you from playing the game. If you can’t find a solution on the site, you also can submit a ticket to request assistance from one of our awesome support agents!

The team is thrilled to continue supporting those of you still exploring Tyria after all these years, those of you experiencing it for the very first time, and the passionate people here at ArenaNet who continue to show their love for the game that started it all! We're looking forward to supporting Guild Wars for years to come, and will continue to expand the Guild Wars Support site as we do just that.

Happy hunting; I’ll see you in game!

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  • ArenaNet Staff

@Vostroyan.9214 said:@ GM Evangelos. The guild wars 1 main page " https://www.guildwars.com/en/ " when opening the support there; it's being redirected to the gw2 suport page from Chrome insted of the gw1 support page. Just giving a heads up incase this is a bug or something that was left out.

Thank you for the note! It is on our list as one of the few outstanding adjustments that we still need to make. Sadly the snowpocalypse wreaked a bit of havoc on our web team over the past week. Now that things have settled down, we'll see about getting this (and a few other redirects) updated to ensure that people are hitting the right support site.

Good spot; thanks for keeping a close eye on the details! =)

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