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Savage instinct, Upcoming changes


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So zerker gets an update, and it makes a lot of people worry that entering zerk mode has a cast time now, therefore it's interruptable.The possibility of not being able to access any burst skills (just imagine if a mes with power block interrupts the cast time) is a huge penalty, and there should be at least offered a workaround.

What if with savage instinct not only broke stun and was immune to physical damage, but it was also immune to hard cc for the duration, or was an invuln altogether?

Edit: to be clear, i mean the duration of the cast time, not the zerk mode

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@Blocki.4931 said:Well it makes activating it risky when you're in a fight already. You might want to activate it a bit earlier because of that, depending on duration that shouldn't be a problem. IN a PvP scenario you won't have a 100% uptime anyway, so it's fine I suppose.

Yeah it might be fine, i'm just worried that it'll be useless to activate when you're locked down, because it'd be interrupted instantlyIt would feel pretty berserker-y if you could get that initial attack off despite any efforts to stop you

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I wonder if that means you can abuse it by pressing F1 then putting weapons away then F1 again if that is the case... hmmmm

I hope its no more than a 1/4s case time or at most 1/2s anymore and you'd only see the spec in PvE.

I am curious to see the new Axe F1 and GS F1 and if this will show face in PvP.

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