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What is the branded teal mist in the Black Lion chest

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@MissSea.8215 said:I played for 30 minutes in the Elon Riverlands. After going around killing random mobs (some Vets, some normals), I've looted 24 petals and made 2 blooms. I will say I have 450% magic find boost active, so not sure if that affects drops?

Timer, you get one after every 30sec for killing a monster.

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FYI everyone, I used one and got 32 petals. They are worth 9s each, as 12 of them sell to vendor for 1g 8s. So, if you figure an average of about 30 per half hour, the 25 mists I got with 25 keys will make me an extra 70 g or so. I think this is fair, as it's roughly equivalent to getting a bonus 'rare' from 25 key uses. It mitigates the fact that you may use a bunch of keys like that and receive no rares.

I'd still rather have the pvp/wvw track advance xp, but this is way better than the minis.

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I recommend saving them for Halloween to goose your reward by an extra 6+ gold per hour (worth far less anywhere else I can think of).Gory details for the explanation.

@Biff.5312 said:FYI everyone, I used one and got 32 petals.

FYI That's probably best case scenario. You need to be actively killing loot-bearing foes during the 30 minutes (easy in some areas, challenging elsewhere). That's why I recommend holding them for Halloween.

Those that actively farm other areas should be able to assess whether it might also be helpful elsewhere.Some examples: new map (from after camps are established to end of meta), Silverwastes (if RIBA), Dry Top (if clearing), VB (for full night meta), possibly Istan.

Some places not to use it: World Boss train (with few exceptions), Tarir/AB (even if those foes can drop petals, in most lanes, you aren't constantly killing), WvW roaming.

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@OutOfOrder.3719 said:I was thinking fractals and story mode would be good places to use these branded teal mist items.

Story mode probably won't do anything. From various threads, it's only foes that already drop loot, not just any foe.(Instance foes often don't drop loot because they can be exploited to become an infinite-loot farm.)

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After some testing, this branded teal mist black lion item is probably one of the best new black lion chest items added in awhile. It can yield approximately 1 gold when used in Roaming WvW and 2 gold when used in fractals.

There are a few fractals that it won't be very productive, but the majority of them works extremely well.

So it usually yields 1 gold at a minimum, but potentially more than 2 gold when used optimally in PvE content.

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