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Druid Pet does less damage then retaliation


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Honestly Druid seemed like the closest an elite spec came to the initial idea that elite specs should have trade offs. This was mostly due to how flawed Druid is a from a design perspective but it was still the only elite spec that did it.

The reason they made it even worse was probably due to whining from PvP players every time a build that has pets/minions/illusions/etc is viable because they don't actually know how to play the game.

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Well, you’re just exaggerating, because they definitely do more damage than retaliation.

However I’m pretty sure Levetty pretty much hit the nail on the head, Druids pets got nerfed by 20% (which in all honesty isn’t that much since 20% of nothing is still nothing) because they wanted to add a true drawback to Druid (and hopefully all elite specs that don’t have one), and a very common complaint amongst PvP and WvWers, and even PvErs during the Iboga glory days, was that Druids can go full support and still have pretty good damage due to the pet and the buffs they provide.

It’s almost like when you’re a support build with a guaranteed body to give your offensive buffs to your damage ends up not being complete trash.

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