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I complained about the skyscale, now it's time to talk about the good stuff

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I find this episode amazing! I don't know how to describe it, for once it felt like something huge (literally) was happening. In a sense I had a warcraft vibe from it, the different biomes with side events and a very "war campaign" ambiance. I absolutely love how every mastery can be used at one point or another, the map is a huge playground where you can move the way you enjoy to. Kralkatorrik's theme is amazing, the music was already good in the last episode but this one takes it to even higher levels! It seems you always know how to bring amazing and fitting music peices to every elder dragon.

! The very idea of Kralkatorrik being part of the land is amazing, I didn't play GW1 but I recall reading about how he was mistaken with a mountain at some point during his sleep, so this seems like a nice callback. Even the severed wing is very enjoyable to climb onto and a good introduction to the skyscale's movements. The fight with Kralkatorrik during the instance was very well done as well, I liked the use of the different threats we faced, also corresponding to the different biomes on the map. Though I might've enjoyed it more without the dragonsblood spear (spamming the same key isn't generally enjoyable). Perhaps an achievement related to not using it at all during the instance is in order?

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I didn't like the story nor the Skyscale timegate, but those aside, I really like the map itself which is more important as I'll keep coming back to it whereas the story and Skyscale are one time things to do. Having past masteries available as options for getting around is great, especially the thermal tubes. I quite like the meta as well. It's like a combo of Silverwastes, Auric Basin and Dragons Stand. The rewards seem decent enough that I'd keep coming back to this new map pretty often to farm and the fact that its not on a set timer, but ever repeating like Silverwastes means I can jump in and out whenever I want, which is great.

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I despised the weak story too but I’ll happily sing the praises of the map as well. I feels like an improved Dragon Stand and the uniqueness of the theme showed off how far ahead their map designers are vs other mmos when they are in form (unlike last episode).

I would rate 3 maps in ls4 as exceptional with Jahai and Sandswept the other two. Istan I felt was too visually noisy in the meta to rate as high and Kamadan lost much of its old lustre

I’ll also highly rate the legendary even though I won’t be getting it.

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