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Tour guide NPCs

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That is a suggestion.

I don't know if you even noticed, that NPC is present in Lion's arch and in Divinity Reach offering a quite long very interesting and enjoyable visit. I was wondering, why we don't have them in Hoelbrak, Black Citadel, the Grove and Rata Sum?

I mean it would be a fabulous occasion to introduce more lore about those cities and also making the world even more immersive. I recently spotted a lot of NPCs I never saw before like plebeians in the citadel or a mysterious asuran technician failing to repair her golem again and again and again in Rata Sum kinda funny. I really feel like the map designers put all their hearts, minds and creativity into those cities, each time I continue to find something new: Today I found a skritt in Rata Sum near Warthogs, she made me laugh: "Day 26: Skritt still not discovered by floppy ears, doing recon mission" can talk and then telling she was fired from skrittburg xD Even found some shady researchers trading with famous guys in black and red, but the more unbelievable is the number of whisper agents under cover.

I even thought about the dam, why not adding a moving boat? Those moving assets are awesome too, plus at the bottom of the cube I noticed a ruin like the one where you beat the golem at the start of your story.

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I'd love to see tour guides added to the other cities.

I like how the one in LA says some of the same things players did about the new architecture, as do some of the other NPCs. It's a bit odd in that it seems like they knew it would be a controversial design far enough in advance to get the dialogue written and voiced, but on the other hand it's a subtle way of saying they know and they're sticking with their decision.

The others could have their own interpretations of the city they're showing off, but it would be fun to follow them and hear what they have to say.

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