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Staff or Longbow for Open World Tagging?


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Hey guys, i've been looking around on these forums for a while, but I can't seem to find a recent and conclusive answer to the above question. I'm doing a lot of metas and mostly running GS/Scepter + Focus, but every now and then I want to switch S+F out for a longer range AOE weapon. Is longbow or staff better for tagging mobs?

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They are pretty close I'd say, so if you have a preference for one or the other I don't think you'll see much difference in effectiveness. Push comes to shove though, I think the staff would be better. Longbow only really works if they are lined up for you to get the bouncing shots on the auto and to shoot through them with the true shot and deflecting shot and the 4 and 5 are nice but they are on very long cooldowns so you won't have much access to them for tagging. You've just got a lot more AoE on Staff with the 2 and 3, along with autos that are AoE and can hit multiple targets. Additionally, the swiftness from staff 3 can also be used to help you run to your targets more quickly.

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