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I got a leggy precursor as a drop so why do I have to craft it?

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I miraculously once got The Chosen shield drop and I finally decided to keep it and make my own leggy shield :D But I don't quite understand how it works. I unlocked "The Chosen" shield skin and "The Chosen Experiment" in the same time. I thought this will unlock something...it did not so I bought stuff at Grandmaster Hobbs and I still have to go all the way to make The Chosen even if I already have the skins unlocked and I got the shield physically in my bank??

Can you explain what's happening? :d

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You don't have to recraft it so don't do anything more with Grandmaster Hobbs :p that NPC was tehre to help player getting their own precursor without using the mystic forge or looting it on mobs.

Since you loot it already ... don't do anything that he's saying :D you just need now the gift of flameseeker prophecy + the gift of fortune + the gift of mastery.

each gift has their specific way to craft it ! GW2 wiki is great for that .

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Legendary Weapons are ultimately made in the Mystic Forge by combining 4 items: 3 Gifts +1 Precursor.

Normally one has to craft the precursor (or buy it from the TP / get it as a drop) so you've skipped that step. Now all you need is to craft

The Gift of the Flameseeker PropheciesGift of FortuneGift of Masteryhttps://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/The_Flameseeker_Prophecies

Follow the links on the wiki. Take some time to read them because these can be tricky, as each gift is made up of several layers of items. An App like GW2efficiency can also tell you what you are missing in terms of materials.

Oh, and congrats on the drop! I also got The Chosen as a drop, and was the first legendary item I crafted (then sold :) )

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Hey there,Congrats on the precursor drop! Very exciting when that happens!

To clarify -- when you get a precursor drop in-game, you do NOT have to complete the collections that lead you to crafting the precursor. So if you talked to Hobbs and started the collections --- ignore them. The precursor essentially allows you to skip the collection stage and jump right into the final stage of crafting the legendary requirements!

This means you just need to craft the Gift of The Flameseeker Prophecies; the Gift of Fortune and the Gift of Mastery. These are all completed in the Forge; however, some of the requirements for each require various crafting disciplines. Take a look at this page from the Wiki as it links to the requirements for each component. Once you have them crafted, you put the Precursor and the three crafted gifts into the forge to create your legendary weapon. https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/The_Flameseeker_Prophecies

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You're not alone in experiencing this. For all Gen 1 legendaries, the precursors have dropped before the legendary journies existed. The fact you have gotten a precursor drop simply means you can bypass the journey for that precursor! You can immediately begin working on the items needed to Mystic Forge that precursor into a legendary weapon. Most of these recipes come from the Mystic Forge attendant. However, the journey is there if you want to make another of the precursors. Consider yourself lucky!

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