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Question about the Raid Sell

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You can do some basic math with assumptions to estimate how much a raid selling group/guild can make per day.

Assume 20 Minutes per Boss and 1 or 2 free slots for people paying for the servive.Assume 150 Mystic Coins per kill.Assume 3 hours of raid selling done.

When running 9 man:3 bosses per hour is 450 Mystic Coins.3 hours per day is 1,350 Mystic Coins.Divide by 9 is 150 Mystic Coins per player.

When running 8 man:3 bosses per hour is 900 Mystic Coins.3 hours per day is 2,700 Mystic Coins.Divide by 8 players is 337.5 Mystic Coins per player.

That's the ballpark you can assume for if there is enough buyers. Obviously running more raids per day or more expensive kills yields more Mystic Coins. Sometimes players pay for entire wings and all CMs associated with those wings, which yields more MC per hour. Before the question comes up: no I do not sell raids and have never sold raids but I know people who do. The values I gave up top are examples but come rather close to reality.

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it highly depends on your own skill & how many customers you get...and also time is a great factor.for example arround when wing 4 came out, flax was the only guild within the first two weeks which started to sell deimos and samarog cm so there was basically no competition within that time. we made a shitton of money....like way more then usual. during that time...few weeks after wing releases usual numbers on ectos was 60k - 80k per week in total, and i think we had arround 14 players. if you where active and always snagged a raid spot it was between 300 - 600g per day. sometimes more.but you also gotta see that that declined really fast. the longer a wing is out the less people are willing to pay and customer numbers go down to a point, that you are lucky if you make 150g a day.

in terms of skill...you are supposed to hit top tier dps on bosses. no one is gotta carry you. in terms of mechanics...you need to be able to play them 99%. nobody is gonna tolerate you if you step in every single black that spawns...especially failing such mechanics is something that gets you flamed and out of a group really fast. no one wants to show incompetence to the customers. that said, everyone makes mistakes once in a while...and making up for them is also a huge point. if shit happens you are supposed to act 100% to prevent any wipe. if you fail at desicition making you will also be out pretty fast.8 manning any raid even in cm was the norm. multiclassing too.

being drama resistant is also good. expectations are high and everyone gets flamed once in a while. not taking that personal is key...still need to step up on whatever you did wrong.

that was how it was 1 to 2 years ago. i expect its still the same today...can't tell you anything about the current money flow, because i do not sell since over a year now.

if you want to get into selling, you need quite a lot of experience. being a member of one of the known guilds in those circles or having friends there which vouch for you helps a lot, since the members usually get recurited from there...otherwise if a selling guild hit their member maximum already, you won't get in anyway.

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