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Hows EU servers in GvG


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The dedicated GvG scene is long since over but it still happen from time to time. Most guild fights are inpromptu open field which often end up in unbalanced situations because of course the enemy guilds always coordinate between each other, are good at defending/sieging and have large pug clouds of decent roamers surrounding them while your guilds run around dying one by one in an uncoordinated mess thats shooing away everyone else under the banner of "bUt MAh fIgHits!!!"

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Your question is better directed to the GvG discords. If you get on the NA one there's sure to be a crosslink to the EU one somewhere. I think you will find NA and EU about similarily (in)active. There are 25 guilds listed as taking GvG's in both regions and the lists should be up to date as of the relink. There is summer with all what that implies in both regions. EU just finished a rather long and drawn out tournament so several guilds are likely on hiatus. EU and NA are both planning draft tournaments in august.

If you're just looking for a raiding- or commanding guild I would guess that those are fairly similar in EU and NA as well. There are a bunch but they are fewer and more loosely composed than before, I'd say. Most of that is down to what Anet does so the reasons are most likely similar in both regions too. We've all waited 18 months for Alliances, we've all faced the same meta since PoF released and we all got things like the Warclaw instead of what the game mode needs, so tagging up or roaming to create content has hardly been encouraged. What players do follow suit. I think it's best that you just settle for that it is what it is and try to find your own fun in that. If you want to GvG head over to those discords and if you just want a decent guild to run with there are no consistant answers, just look around on the different servers.

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