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whats the rule on number of sieges that can be near each other

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@"Knighthonor.4061" said:I was wondering whats the number of siege weapons that can be made in a single area/structure?

There is a very handy wiki for GW2 that provides a ton of information...


"Siege weapon map limit

There are two basic hard limits to siege placement.

There is a limit to how many siege weapons can be placed within a certain radius of each other. 5 weapons (sites or completed weapons) can be set within any 1000 unit radius. If players try to place a new site somewhere within a radius that already has hit its limit, the placement will fail but the player will retain the weapon bundle in their hands.

There is also a hard limit to how many weapons can be placed on the map. This map limit is explained by Mike Ferguson of ArenaNet as "basically anything that is not a ram counts towards one 'limit' for the purpose of this explanation and each team can have up to 100 of these types of weapons out at any time per map. Each team can also have up to 100 rams placed on a map.". There is also a cap to the number of golems that can be made, which is a value of 65."

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