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Rolling a new character

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Hi all,

Looking for some advise. I am coming back after 7 years and it all feels new again. I want to make a new character that is suitable for end game i.e. useful to a group. I am only interested in PvE so from a quick look online this is fractals, dungeons, and raids.

When you create a new character how important are the selections outside of race and profession? Can they be changed at a later date if you find they don't fit your build?

Many thanks

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With the exception of Race and Profession, everything visual can be changed after character creation with various appearance kits or contracts.If it affects your initial story, it's set in silicon.

New players should try everything until you find what fits your play-style. It's OK to see what others do, but their play-style may vary widely from yours.

I would recommend a long- and close-range weapon to swap.

Learn how you play and use key-binds to your advantage. Any time you can do something without looking down or remembering which key is the default will only help you in stressful gaming situations.

And most of all ... have fun. If you find yourself getting stressed because you can't get past a mob, heart, dungeon, or jumping puzzle, walk away or try with a different character/profession/weapon set/build.

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The only choices you're "stuck with" at "end game" are Race and Profession, and only your Profession has any mechanical relevance. There are plenty of Skill Points available to fully master your Core skills, and both Elite Specializations (assuming you own the relevant expansion), with lots of room to spare, so those choices eventually balance out. Any Build decisions can be swapped easily, as long as you're out of combat, so you can copy meta builds or tinker on the fly as you see fit.

The choices you make at character creation give your character story context and sets the stage for your first few chapters in the Personal Story, as well as some starting gear (which usually has unique skins that unlock in your Wardrobe, but will almost certainly be replaced by "end game").

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