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Since when is it ok for a thief to perma stealth and then hit you for a 16.6k backstab alone?


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@"Zelulose.8695" said:I know guys. Every class right now does too much damage for a thief to handle, epecially in 5 vs 5 with all that aoe. The thief backstab is one example of many classes that are over-tuned in damage and healing.

Still, the issue is that if I was playing a berserker amulet I would have died in one skill to any class. This is just not balanced. Even with vitality amulets which I had in this case, it is a FPS game with head shots that do not require aim. This is a valid point.

the title of your post is "Since when is it ok for a thief to perma stealth and then hit you for a 16.6k backstab alone?"

Not the game has entered a power crept state ABSOLUTELY NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO one would disagree with you there, its the fact you targeted the class whos been the underdog now from literally a few years of nerfs, if your whole point was to argue that the game is power crept its different, i could agree, but i think thief is still way under tuned compared to for example a mes,

Hear me out some people wil be like OHHHH BUT THIEF COUNTERS MES

yea but any yahoo with NO understanding of the build can play mes and STILL have a chance to beat a thief who actually knows what there doing, . i have a friend who beat one of my best classes by just pushing buttons lol mesmer has access to Torment, meaning you take MORE dmg if you walk has access to Confusion LITERALLY MEANING YOU CANT EVEN AUTO ATTACK, bleeding, burning, Poison MEANING YOUR HEALS SUCK, im just saying in general, thief doesnt have a whole lot compared to most other classes in the game, yea 16k backstabs hurt but so does mesmers ability to literally not let you play the game.

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Backstab's damage isn't actually even good by most classes' standards today, though.

The amount of investment to pull off these high damage numbers is almost never worthwhile, be it from sacrificing all point control game-wide by playing melee DE, or by running pretty horrible utilities that gut your skirmish and +1 potential.

Chained stealth is more or less the problem here more than anything. The damage is super easy to prevent on D/D where the window is well-defined.

Backstab builds like D/D signets have a really low barrier of entry at the low skill levels but get exponentially more difficult to play the better your opponents are, because you're basically playing the game without utility skills, with predictable burst, and underperforming weapons otherwise.

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