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[Raid] W7 unskipable dialogues

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If you are refering to the dialogue after the pre event is complete, there is a work around:

The moment the pre event is done, have every one leave the instance.

Once you reenter, the dialogue part will be skipped. If you have multiple raids per week, bring a second account for te preevent. Clearing it is saved and allows future groups to skip it fpr that week.

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@Safandula.8723 said:there is also unskipable preevent at start of w7, would be great if there would be way for it as well

Pre-events are okay'ish. Annoying, but well. Though the cap speed of w7 pre-event is also quite slow - just as spirit run cap event has too many caps. Both events could be improved a LOT by just cutting down on the time spent just standing around afking.

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@Yasi.9065 said:

@Yasi.9065 said:Still not skippable, still horrible.

Still skipable by having everyone leave and reenter the instance.

Yes. Because thats a "skip". With loading screen times of people with hdd. I was kidding, its not.

I fully agree that a dialoge option would be preferable. For us this works nicely, but it does depend on the hardware people are running.

Also it is nice to remember that it is possible to keep a W7 with cleared preevent on a twink account (needs to have cleared the event once that week).

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