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Lagging servers since at least last matchup (EU)


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Hey there,

Just wanted to remark (again) that the WvW servers in EU lag a lot since the last few matchups (at least since the previous one). Making 2 blobs clash against each other make the game lag already (although playable). When 3 blob clash, the game becomes fully unplayable, skills won't work for 20 seconds, no change weapon.. nothing.Besides this, everyone experiences everyone else rubber-banding back and forth and the only way to command (being a commander) is by placing marks on the map and calling references on TS on where to go (since we can't see eachother move).

Is there any reason for this? have the servers power/size changed? This is literally unplayable and makes the game experience really bad for WvW on the most exciting time.

This used to be a problem years ago, the problem appeared and disappeared intermittently (e.g. when changes to stability stack happened, the problem appeared again) but at the end it was resolved every single time.

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Anet has always had garbage servers from day 1 for wvw. I do not think anet could foresee the potential lag issues with so many players or they were just winging it to see what would happen, a bit like most projects Anet do for wvw. Where Anet went wrong is they never fixed the problem despite soo many complaints over the years. But the recent lag is soo much worst for EU across all the servers and not just for 3 way blob fights. Its the type of "lag" that rubberbands you, instead of the occasional lag spike but the rubberbanding continues for the entire fight even after it and sometimes with no fight. Before you may get rubberbanding but only for a few minutes and then it would catch up and go back to normal. Also before we would get skill lag but now we get no skills working, people even complaining about dodge and 111 not even working which was not the case in the past with "normal skill lag".

I think I read somewhere the servers for EU have been "downgraded", something to do with letting Amazon handle the servers now. So EU players have to connect even further away but the flip side is NA servers will get a more stable connection. It probably explains why most of the complaints are coming from EU players. Anet knows this but they will handle it like everything related to wvw by doing nothing. Nothing because the company is clearly downscaling everything to save money (layoffs), next server quality and with broken promises for wvw. It all honesty at this point in the game over so many years, old school players do not really expect anything different from anet but always hope for change.

I guess the best way to look at the entire situation is Anet is like a shop that is having a closing down sale. The difference is the closing down sale has been going on for years and the shop (Anet) will not close down because it still has loyal customers that keep its profits just above to keep it in business. But the shop has to make layoffs to good staff members and sacrifice quality to give what the masses want. Usually a product that is more expensive than its worth and the customer looses interest in fast and leaves the customer wanting more of that shallow instance gratification to throw a credit card at (Cash Cow).

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