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Suggestion: Energy cost gets taken after the ability is activated


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Was thinking this could be a nice QOL improvement.

When casting an ability that cost energy, if its interrupted the energy cost is not consumed since it didnt activate. This wont apply to instant cast energy costing abilities since the skills activate instantly.Skills like Rite of the Great Dwarf can be interrupted by a dodge for example and consume vital energy. Seem very punishing.

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That's the way Rite of the Great Dwarf works: It's a stun break skill, so upon using it instantly breaks stun (if the rev is cc'ed) and consumes energy, since one of its effects is already activated (whether the rev is cc'ed or not). Therefore it makes sense for the skill to consume energy right upon activation.

Try using Shackling Wave and canceling it before the waves come out (by dodging or stowing weapon) - you'll see that the energy is not consumed.

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