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fallen balthazar outfit


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if i can get fallen balthazar outfit now only from black lion exclusives chest in trading post for very expensive price coz once it was only in lion chests so i cant expect to find it in gem store one day if i ask in forum to put it there for possibility to buy for normal price. i want to know its possible or not-i can wait or not-coz if not i will try to focus my money for that expensive goal in trading post. i must know about possibilitys coz im not rich person-just want my outfit a lot.

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I was in the same shoe as the OPThere was nothing that I wanted more than this outfit in the gameAfter researching, Found out the only ways you could attain this outfit was:

  1. Get REALLY LUCKY with the random wardrobe unlock
  2. Black lion Exclusives chest (Available once a year, from the black lion chest usually in August) or buy it from TP
  3. Black lion statuettes - 60 statuettes, was available years ago but has never been back on the list

These are currently the ONLY way to get the outfit, and I believe it won't be made available to purchase outright with gems as they call this one of their 'exclusive' skinsWouldn't hurt to ask them though I guess

just a little side story of my mistake in getting this outfit;I had been waiting a year for this outfit to be made available and my patience grew thin. After researching I found out that the Black lion Exclusive chest was something I could buy off the TP and the outfit was available in there. Straight away I looked into it but there was no one selling even the chest.I had waited about another week checking stock everyday and someone had finally put one up on for sale.2600 Gold it was listed for, but I was desperate and I wanted this more than anything so i bit the bullet, merged my gold with some gems bought with real money and bought it.1 bloody week later the exclusive chests were made available again and on the first day of re-release they were available for under 1000 gold I was so damn gutted

I don't see the outfit being made available any other way soon and i kinda hope that it stays like that for few reasons - if it becomes publicly available it'd just be like the regalia outfit, you would see too many people rocking itAlso people who paid premium for it would suffer since they spent mega $$$ to get it or got real lucky

@Voltekka.2375 said:You can also get it with an outfit voucher, I believe. Or with black lion statuettes, at this point.

The outfit voucher will only get you the balthazar regalia outfit , not the fallen balthazar outfit which is an exclusive item

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