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Do we no longer need to worry about the long aggro range for future contents?


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My biggest gripe with PoF/S4 is the ridiculous aggro range - 900~1200 for PoF/S4 enemies, compared to 600 pre-PoF. The 900~1200 aggro range completely ruins the game for me and I have no interest in the future of GW2 if the ridiculous PoF aggro range is to be the norm.

Playing the new map, I was very (happily) surprised to see that the aggro range is back down to 600 for this new map. I am very skeptical, though. My question to Anet is, can the players who absolutely despise the 900 aggro range be relieved that we won't see the PoF aggro range in future contents? Or is this just a temporary thing and we'll get stuck with the long aggro range again, once episode 1 starts?

If this complaint is actually addressed for future contents, is there any chance we'll see the long aggro range addressed in PoF/S4 maps? I would love it if this is addressed for PoF/S4 maps so that I can have fun exploring PoF/S4 maps, instead of avoiding it like the plague.

EDIT: I edited the post to remove the comment about the contrast/brightness of the map. I thought this map didn’t have the blinding contrast of PoF/S4 maps. After spending more time on this map and completing the story, it's still too bright like PoF/S4 maps, and hurts my eyes during day time and some parts of the map/story. I had to turn off postprocessing to get through the story, just like PoF/S4… Sigh... I guess I was just playing during night time (in-game) and thought the contrast issue from PoF/S4 maps was addressed...

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