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Mirage Dodge + Mini Lunar "Horse" = RIP Eyes

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Im not even sure if it is an exploit or a bug, looks like it hasn't been adressed since Lunar Festival 2018 where the Mini got introduced.Basically, when a Mirage dodges with Infinite Horizon Trait (yourself/enemy/ally doesn't matter) and has the Mini Lunar "Horse" there is a massive Animation taking up half your screen (when in melee range).


The easiest fix for this would probably be an option to toggle off Minis.

Or disable this Mini in WvW atleast (although it works in PvE too).

I apologize in advance for the incoming increase of people abusing this, but maybe it will raise attention.

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Have you been in any zerg battles? lol just about every aoe skill has big blasting animations. Visual noise all need to be toned down all round, years ago they said they were going to work on it, apparently just the elementalist fire staff 1 was too big or something, then the expansions came along and they've never bothered.


Google gw2 visual noise



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