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I'm sort of Stuck in HOT, where do I go to a break from here.

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@Kabuki Theatre.9752 said:

@Ayrilana.1396 said:You likely need to level one of the masteries enough to go further.

Okay, advice taken, but . . . ..

I am flummoxed about obtaining the Masteries.They seem out of reach, and I'm just sick of chasing them.

Most of PoF requires you to reach Level 3 in your mount masteries to continue past the map barriers: Canyon Jumping, High Vault, and Ride the Wind. Everything else past that is optional (That includes the other mounts, BTW. ) Many of the HPs and MPs you can't reach usually require one of these.

I personally like running around and poking my nose into the odd corners of the map but if it's not working for you just grit your teeth and do the bare minimum.

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GW2efficiency.com allows you to look at your achievements and filter out the ones that do not have mastery points attached to them. You can also limit the selection by type of mastery - core, HoT, or PoF - and tell it to not show the ones you have completed. I normally refer to this as using gw2efficiency to 'data mine' your account. It will answer this kind of question for you in perpetuity.

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