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Annual Traditions...?


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The 50- Point "Annual Traditions" Achievement says we need to complete the Annual Wintersday Traditions Achievement.


I completed the Annual Wintersday Achievement... so why am I not getting credit for the Annual Traditions Achievement?


Am I missing something super-obvious? Do I need to complete the Annual Lunar New Year, Annual Super Adventure Box, Annual Dragon Bash, Annual Festival of the Four Winds, and Annual Halloween Traditions as well for these points? Or is this like the goofy World Boss weekends where we don't get credit until the whole thing ends? I'm not typically an Achievement Point hunter, but 50 is a goodly amount that I'd like to get credit for if credit's due.

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What DaFishBob says. You can only complete it 1x a year. Your 1st screenshare also says you did it once "repeated 1 times". It won't go completed state visually. You did get your 50 AP however. Next year with the same festival you will get another 50 AP if you do the meta achievement (and it will then say "repeated 2 times").

As for the other festivals, they have the same mechanic as well. That is why players do the meta achievement (next to the look attached).

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