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Dungeons have been dead for quite a long time now with no changes made to them. Whereas even having few new fractals over these years, fractals are still popular and run everyday by many, why? Because REWARDS. Most content in this game is replayed because of rewards, fractals give good gold some fun some not but the daily rewards are whats keeping it alive since today.(I mean if you put halloween labyrinth as permanent content it would be running 24/7 no matter how boring it is because of the rewards as thats what makes people motivated for replaying the same content.)Whereas in dungeons rewards are just bad and have no value other than getting specific runes or skins with tokens, once you are done you never go back to it.

I think, if a daily system to dungeons also get added for ex (x dungeon Path1, y dungeon Path 2, z dungeon Path 3) and add rewards similar to fractal encryptions which gives gold in turn, or tie tokens to a similar achievement as "Fractal God", many people would add this to their daily routine and bring dungeons back to life (hopefully).

While planning your "big pvp/wvw balance" I think you should also consider a massive "Reward system rework/balance".

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I don't think the lack of people playing dungeons is just due to the lack of new releases for them. They used to be very popular, even years after release and that was without anything new being added (except that one path in Twilight Arbour). I'm not quite sure what changed, but then I never fully understood why some people would do the same dungeons over and over in the first place, or why players in other games continue to do that. I think the deciding factor is that dungeons used to be one of the quickest ways to get gold, but then maps like Silverwastes and the HoT ones were introduced and their meta events were more profitable, so attention shifted to farming those. But I can't be completely sure.

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