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raiding/fractal hammer scrapper


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How viable is this? Atm I have a full zerker hammer scrapper with some asc stuff on him. I was wondering if you can get into high level fractals or raiding with a hammer scrapper, or a scrapper at all. I've heard of heal scrapper for raids but it's not my cup of tea.

Any insights? I'm pretty new when it comes to engi. thanks in advance :)

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It's..useable.Should get a damage buff after the next patch too.

Far from optimal though - it will definitely be questionable in PUG raiding (though, i would not reccommend learning to raid from lfg ever.), and any static where someone with a brain is in charge should let you use it too.

Scrapper has a lot of in built defense, this can be useful in fractals where things will hurt and you may or may not have a healer actually helping to reduce hurt - though pro level fractal-ers don't really get hurt even without a healer, not a lot of people really have both the will and skill to do that. In raids it is less useful as until you're in an experienced static (you will not need extra defense here) you will probably be running two healers, and anything two healers cannot save you from is also not something your own barrier generation will save you from - failure of mechanics.

As far as raids are concerned, it's low maximum potential damage will make a lot of PUGs very suspicious, and you may also have to press buttons faster than with other builds to achieve the "enough damage where if eveyrone was doing my dps the boss will not enrage" marker- it's not a hard mark to achieve with scrapper, just hard-er, but do note the optimal rotation spends most of it's time in kits and your hammer isn't used that much.

Taking holosmith instead is a straight up damage upgrade even if you use basically the same kit-auto rotation, and then if you learn holo it's even more extra damage over scrapper, so it's super questionable when the barrier it provides for you might not even be doing anything if you can a) avoid all attacks, b) healers will heal all damage, c) mechanics can kill you no matter how much defense you have. But useable.

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I currently play hammer scrapper often in T4 fractals and really like it. I currently run standard Zerker gear with scholar and force.I usually run Healing Turret, Throw Mine and Shredder Gyro. The 3rd utility depends on situations, same goes for elite.


  • The DPS isn't as good as power holosmith vs single targets. But for group fights in can keep up with it
  • The self-sustain ist awesome thanks to Impact Servants barrier generation
  • The great thing is you have Function Gyro to pick up downed allies, specially when more then a single person goes down it can secure the fight and safe the day
  • If you really have to burst a boss like the ooze in thauma nova i swap to holo for the better dps :/

On the skills:

  • Throw Mine is a decent cc, Minefield provies decent boon remove and good damage. (Not exclusive to scrapper tho)
  • Shredder Gyro deals good aoe damage while Spare Capacitor is decent cc and aoe damaging field
  • You can take Bulwark Gyro / Defense Field for some additional group support, be careful with Bulwark Gyro tho, i managed to down myself within less then a second due too much damage share.
  • If condition cleanse isn't needed Medic Gyro can be taken for group protection and additional self damage boost through superspeed + Object in Motion
  • Purge Gyro if your group needs more condition cleanse
  • Personal Pattering and its Toolbelt give you access to more cc if needed to break some bars (Not exclusive to scrapper tho)
  • IMO all elite skills aren't that great for boss fights. Sneak gyro can be helpful to skip some parts or easily stand on the console in the dredge fractal without pulling aggro. Elexier X could provide some more CC if needed, same goes for Supply Crate. If you need a range weapon in between or a pulsing blind field vs the hordes of trash mobs mortar is the way to go.
  • Oh Bomb Kit could be an option as well since it is still the strongest power autoattack in a large area and also provides access to a pulsing blind and smoke field, as well as another cc, this will be handy in sirens reef for example ;)
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Kitty's lately tested hammer scrapper extensively in fractals and raids. It doesn't do superb dps but it has tons of utility and god-tier survivability (reaper doesn't come even close). Kitty's legit getting 99,5-99,8% scholar uptimes at most raid bosses. If you know what you're doing, works well enough to get the kills (if you don't get kicked for playing it). Here's a couple vids to let you be the judge.Matthias, infamously condi-favouring boss.

Sabetha the dps golem
T4 Nightmare Normal
And the most optimized version will reach dps similar to currect scepter DH and stuff. Kitty's playing a very simplified version.
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Scrapper is okay in Fractals and raids. There's many viable builds, but you won't be optimal at anything. If you're looking to play Scrapper on a serious level then you'll want to instead look towards WvW, where it is a front-liner in all major battles.

One tip, Scrapper's barriers mean their HP rarely drops significantly, so take advantage of builds that exploit that.

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