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Need advice on Skyscale collection

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I am finally trying now to complete all the the collections necessary to obtain a skyscale. I have run into a problem though on one collection that I do not see any way of getting around.

In trying to finish the "Skyscale of Courage" collection, the last item is the "Courage in Face of One's Self", for which I need to kill my doppelganger in Elon Riverlands. The problem with that is that this is part of the region's meta, and since Elon Riverlands is now so sparsely populated, it appears that no one is doing the meta anymore, and I certainly cannot complete the meta solo.

Any and all rational suggestions would be appreciated!

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First thing to say: it doesn't actually have to be your doppleganger, fighting it will count for the collection even if the appearance is copied from another player, so all you need to do is participate in the event once.

This event is part of a meta-event chain, so the method for completing it is basically the same as for any meta-event.

  1. Make sure you have all the waypoints around Augury Rock, Skyward Reach and Prophet's Path unlocked (this is important for point 8 below).
  2. Use the Wiki to find out when the event is running, and pick a time when you'll be able to do it (the whole chain takes about an hour, and it runs once every 2 hours)
  3. Ideally pick a time when the game is likely to be busy - most players on NA servers are in the Americas and most EU players are in Europe so it will be busiest when it's the evening or during the day on a weekend in those time zones. This may or may not match up with when you're usually online, but if you're able to get on during those times it does help a lot.
  4. Get to the map shortly before The Path to Ascension is due to start. Ignore the fact that the Wiki's timer lists the Doppleganger as a separate event, busy maps will fill up during the proceeding meta so if you wait until that's finished you might be unable to get into a busy map.
  5. Use the LFG tool (Path of Fire > Elon Riverlands) to look for a group doing Path to Ascension or Augury Rock.
  6. If you don't see anyone advertising the event start you own. This does not require you to have a commander tag or lead the group or give instructions, it's just a tool to help people like you who want to all be on the same map for the event get together. Don't forget to also ask your guild/s to come and help (let them know you need it for the skyscale) and tell people in map chat that the meta is about to start - if they're on the far side they might not see the event but might join in if you tell them.
  7. Once the meta-event starts play through all the steps. The doppleganger is the last one in the list, after the 'collect wild magic' event.
  8. The doppleganger can spawn anywhere in the area of the Wild Magic event (which is huge) so be prepared to drop what you're doing, waypoint and/or raptor over to the event location to make sure you get there in time.
  9. You just have to do enough damage to get event credit, so once you're in range all you need to do is attack it.
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This is a general tip. Usually just putting up mentor tag and telling people in /map chat that you are doing a certain event will attract enough people to you. Augury rock + doppelganger event is not a hard event and close to 10 people should have no problem.Also there is some down time between augury rock and wild magic+doppelganger. Ask people to stay on the map and help with the last two events.

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