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Suggestion: Bring Royal Terrace Pass in line with others

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I recently got a 2-week Royal Terrace pass from one of the new tutorial achievements, so I've been using that instead of the Lily of the Elon pass but I've been finding it more frustrating than the Lily, or other tempoary passes I've had, for a couple of reasons:

1) The Terrace pass is a bundle and you have to equip it to get in, meaning if I log off while I'm there I'm kicked out and have to click through the dialogue about needing a pass, then find it in my inventory to get back in. Other lounges I've tried let you stay as long as you have the pass in your inventory or a shared inventory slot.

2) You cannot go there while dead. I'm not sure if all the other passes allow this, but the Lily does and it's a nice option sometimes.

As it is this free trial, which otherwise is a nice idea, is just convincing me that if I ever do buy another pass it certainly won't be this one because it's not worth the hassle.

(Incidentally, it would also be nice if the other cities could have lounges. I don't tend to spend much time in DR generally, but I'd consider one for the Grove, Rata Sum or the Black Citadel.)

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It might be the nature of the limited pass. I have the permanent one on multiple accts and it's in a shared slot and I never have to equip it or anything. The limited trial might be the reason you're having problems with getting kicked.

I haven't tried to use the permanent one on the few times I die in PvE.

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Well it's good to know the permanent one works differently, but I wonder why? Maybe so you can't buy the two week pass and then leave a character in there forever, but if you were going to do that you may as well leave them in LA or the main area of DR, it has all the same stuff. The advantage of the passes is being able to go there instantly and for free from anywhere in the world.

As I said it put me off buying the pass, because it's annoying to get kicked out each time, so I'm not sure it's a great advert for the permanent version, which I assume is the idea of the temporary passes.

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@Inculpatus cedo.9234 said:Except, perhaps, new players wouldn't know about not being kicked with permanent passes. So, that would be a nice surprise.Remember, the Royal Terrace Pass was released before Shared Inventory Slots, and worked like that in the beginning.

It would be a nice surprise if you decided to buy it anyway and then found the inconvenience of the temporary pass is removed.

But if you get the temporary pass from the tutorial achievements (or anywhere else) and find it really annoying to be kicked out every time you log out there like I did it might convince you that it's not worth spending 1000 gems on a pass for the hassle of finding it in your inventory and re-entering every time, when you could just use a normal city hub and stay there as long as you like.

I know it seems like a very minor thing, but if you're undecided about the purchase anyway it could be enough to put you off. I didn't buy any of the gem store passes because I think 1000 gems is a lot to pay for a minor convenience over using a waypoint to go to a city. I kept thinking about it but it's the kind of thing where I'd have to be absolutely certain I wasn't going to regret it to actually make the purchase, so any little thing which puts me off makes it less likely. I only got the Lily of the Elon pass because I wanted the deluxe edition of PoF anyway and since it was part of a bundle of items it worked out cheaper than a normal pass.

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