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Next Living World Episode?

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Yes. SAB runs until the 12th May, which is a Tuesday, so it's possible it could come out that day, or it might be a week or two after. Given their track record through Icebrood Saga I think it's unlikely it will be any longer than that.

Bear in mind firstly they have to allow space for festivals; when they've previously had a festival and a main release up at once it just splits the playerbase and ruins it for those who like to do the new episodes with a packed map. Also people who don't want spoilers but do want to play the festival end up trying to rush through the release to see it before it's talked about everywhere, while still having time for the festival.

But more importantly Anet (like a lot of the world) have been working from home because of covid-19 and everything seems to take longer that way. A lot of games are being delayed, Elder Scrolls Online has even delayed their next expansion pack which players have already pre-purchased (only by a week, but still). It wouldn't surprise me if Anet are being affected by that too, and if they can cover the delay with a slightly longer SAB festival before the next release that's fine with me. (Although I appreciate it might be different for people who don't take forever to finish stuff, I've still barely touched the previous Icebrood Saga episodes.)

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It’s obviously been pushed out by the virus, everything is a little farther out now. But SAB is also running an extra week, usually they give festivals spaces but not always. I could see them releasing it like May 5th? Is that a Tuesday? Like very early May, almost end of SAB

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