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Free account SAB?

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I just made a new free account (my previous one got upgraded to a base game account) and the first problem I noticed is you have to be level 10 to get into Rata Sum, or any city, so that could explain why some very new people aren't able to play SAB.

Any other barriers will have to wait until I can get to level 10 before I can hit them.

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Update: I'm on a free account, less than 2 hours old and with just 1 character who just got to level 10 and I'm able to get into Super Adventure Box.


I didn't get the mail with the invite and portal scroll either when I first logged in or when I got to level 10 and was allowed into Rata Sum, but I was still able to get in by going to the city and finding the box. (It's in the northern corner of the top level, near the portal to Lion's Arch.) You have to go up the steps and then press F then accept the confirmation (which warns you that all types of boosters will be removed). So it's a bit more complicated for a free account, but still possible.

(And I think this only affects free accounts, my other one is a base game account where the highest level character is level 30-something, and that one got the mail.)

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@FrizzFreston.5290 said:Strange choice. I would say that a mail without said teleport item or blocking the use of said teleport would be better than keeping free players in the dark about exciting and potentially selling updates on festivals.

Yeah I'm not sure why they'd do it either.

I can kind of understand not prompting brand new players to try SAB because it's pretty different from the rest of GW2 and once you're in getting back out the box may not be obvious. That's the kind of hassle which can put people off playing, especially if it's a new game they're still not sure they want to stick with. But players on free accounts are not necessarily new and players on paid accounts are not necessarily any more experienced or knowledgable so if it is a new player concern that seems like a bad way to make the distinction.

But I can't think of another reason to send the invite to everyone except free accounts, since they can get into the box in other ways.

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From the Wiki for the different portals:

Free-to-play accounts must wait until their character is level 35 before they can visit Lion's Arch and receive this item. (Halloween)Accounts must wait until their character is level 20 before they can receive this item. (Others so far.)

Maybe, once Play4Free characters are L20, they will receive the Gizmo.

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