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So I've Been Watching VIKINGS...

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I've been binge watching VIKINGS. It's not bad if you need to fill some of the void left inside of you when Game of Thrones ended. (Plenty of rough violence, main characters can die off, sneaky and vicious machinations to achieve power, etc.) So when I found myself playing my Norn Dragonhunter (Guardian) more and more often, I said to myself "Hey, I'm sure I can Viking-ize her!" I already had her set up as a Valkyrie, as you can see below:

JUDfcgt.jpg(And yes, I have the Golden Wings glider, and a raven mini).

To fashion a Viking, I just needed to tone down the glitz, and increase the "road warrior". I kinda like the result!


And as any shield maiden knows, most hairstyles do NOT agree with a shield when carried on the back. The hair generally clips through. (In Valkyrie mode, I've been stuck with the front braids style for years). But the Viking-like shield I'm using sits farther out from my body than my Valkyrie shield, giving me leeway to use many more hairstyles now! (Some still clip when I'm moving, but all the ones here look good when at a standstill).


I may expand this theme a little further. I'm having fun with it, and the TV show is good inspiration. Very simple-looking, but made mostly of parts from different sets. And although it's dark and basic, I think it's far more eye-catching than having six different neon special effects shooting out from my body!

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I just noticed the Great Lodge Chair for the first time. Guess I gotta get that now, to fit the character. I hope it doesn't take long to return to the Trading Post. (I imagine my character will have a stupid expression on her face, or something else that makes me regret the purchase). Anyone have a screen shot of a female Norn in the chair? Or do all chairs use the same character pose?


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@Ashantara.8731 said:

@"Hamfast.8719" said:Perhaps next I'll try to make her up as an Amazon...

Awful picture you selected there! :s Amazons didn't look like Wonder Woman (or any other comic book figure).

I mean you cant say you see vague resemblance with the 4th picture of that urn and the pic they posted..

The funny and amazon thing about that picture was the amazon logo printed on mouth tho wasent it?

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