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WvW: Address the lagg issue


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In alternative to staying silent on the WvW obscene lagg Anet, how about telling us all whether you are intending to address it or not. Its UNPLAYABLE for a great percentage of people. And before coming up with; maybe its your backbone, your hardware etc.... its not. TCP to Amazon is fine but the computation of skills and the return path is simply the worst of any mmo out there... 4k. You have folks screaming about it, so tell us whether it CAN be corrected or if you even intend to address the issue. No point in hiding and too scared to inform the player base.

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Your bad luck Yasi lol... only had minor problems with lagg in open world but now the lagg is everywhere including storyline where my ping started at 970 and climbed rapidly to 3250ms rtt within about 90sec. CPU: Intel Core i9-9900, GPU: RTX 2080, RAM: 32GB DDR4 on fibre. 155ms to cloud, RTT 3250ms. Although SAB will have an effect on my rtt at this point (also factoring in world backbone usage is high), it will not be the major problem as the lagg has been escalating prior to SAB and the pandemic.

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