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Anyone here do sPVP/PVP with high ping 200+?

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I'm from Korea and play with 200-230 ping depending on the time of day and other factors. Does anyone else do PVP with similar ping and can share your experience? I realize I can probably never be in the competitive/top of anything due to the ping disadvantage, but as long as I can get ranked somewhere in the middle-ground and still be able to have some sort of fun.

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Try various free VPN programs . It might reduce the ping by 15-20%

https://windscribe.com/upgrade?promo=WS50OFF&affid=fghzq9e1https://protonvpn.com/free-vpn?utm_campaign=ww-all-vpn-gro_aff-tune&utm_medium=link&utm_source=aid-1046&utm_content=10&bestdealBoth has the highest free limit of data you can useJust diactivate them , if your gonna download the GW2 updates or download a video or anything else , or watch youtube videosFirst you activate it and then launch GW2

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I'm usually around 180ms ping from Brazil. I do not feel like it holds me back A LOT, though i do not know how 20ms feels in this game.

I can maintain myself in plat 2 hovering up to plat 3 occasionally, playing mostly guardian and necromancer. I have also played Revenant in this rating before the 25th Feb big patch.

I'd recommend avoiding mesmer and specially thief, though.

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