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Which is better overall?


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The question has be bugging me lately and it's gotten to the point where I spend most of my ingame time by switching from chrono to weaver and back. I'm focused on open world, fractals and wvw (altough I want to raid at some point). In other games I generally play mages or assassins which really doesn't help in gw2 because I see both elite specs as kind of assassiny mages...Can you please help a fellow gw2 player make up his mind?

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Don't play Chrono exclusively but from what i experience with Power Weaver in Open world, Power Chrono must be better lol.

Power Weaver is better than Power Chrono in Fractals

Power Chrono i don't think is a thing in WvW in terms of blob v blob but there should be a build for Chrono but I don't think it will be Power, Power Weaver in WvW is a thing however it's damage is only really good if you get a good rng with your Meteor Shower.

As for Raids I think both are as good as each other but pugs would probably be more inclined to take Chrono over Weaver but I think they would take both anyway

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Power chrono is really clunky in PvE and in WvW/PvP basically unusable except for the minor recharge bonus from alacrity. I've seen a weird chrono WvW build with shield and sword focus on vabbi but you're better off with scrapper for melee and ranged (mortar/grenade kit) as well as stealth.In fractals, because things die fast (outside of boss fights) and you probably won't have a source of slow condition the edge is to power weaver. Clone generation isn't quick enough unless you're on scepter which is condi.

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