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Knights amulet


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OK! why was this removed from the game, I mean all removing of amulets from the game is dumb from every view point, like I play berserkers now, to many power builds play berserkers does that mean we lose berserkers?! Take knights amulet, KNIGHTS AMULET WAS FINE! the classes themselves that could still do damage despite being knights, were the problem, not knights! How do you not get that? this confuses me greatly. Now I cant make my knights amulet shadow arts revealed trait side noder thief ;-; because you ruined it! stupid.. just stupid

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@Grimjack.8130 said:typical forum user thinks knights is bad because tanky builds can still do damage on knights, not that tanky builds become way too tanky on knights

I mean... I liked knights, I didn't think it was bad at all, I'm upset that they removed it, I want knights and other amulets in the game.

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