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Mystery Glowing Ghost

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Hi, this is weird ...

Every so often, when levelling, I come across a strange glowing ghostly guy a little distance away in front of me ... as I approach him, he fades away. Nothing happens.This is driving me nuts :-)I remember that some time ago, I met this guy and clicked F, and a very fast message came up, too quick to read properly, which mentioned the word "choice", but didn't seem to do anything, or indicate any action ...There does not appear to be any rhyme or reason for the ghostie to appear, and it does not appear to affect the game in any way ... (unlike the other strange blue flashing light which sometime appears in the distance, which I always assumed indicated unexplored territory ahead ... usually it fades away when I strike new areas, but sometimes just sits there and does nothing, for example in The Wizard's Village) ...This is also driving me nuts ... :-)Does anyone know what these strange flashing phenomena are all about?Or should I just put more water in my whisky?

PS fyi only ... I have played this game on and off for years and years, but I never before had a character which met up with these particular strange events ... what can it mean?

Regards and sorry if there is an obvious answer ... I could not find it.:)

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The forum was fun when this first came out, so many people in the same situation, many of us thinking it was just us and maybe we were actually imagining it. (Turns out the weird glowing guy is generated client-side, so only you will see it. Even if someone else is able to see them they won't see it at the same time or in the same place you do.)

I think that's exactly the effect they were going for, so you think either you or your character is going mad. Although I think the popup about the achievement is also supposed to be a bit more noticable, so at that point you get a prompt to find out what on earth is happening.

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