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More modes, not less.

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I mean, who cares if there are only 5 people per mode.

We live in a world of option, so give us more.

GW1 had (RA, TA, AB, HA, GVG, (FA, JQ), CA, ZA, ...polymock?...lol) lots of modes that often had many players active during peak.

Essentially what you are telling us when you don't make more permanent modes is that there are less active players in gw2 than gw1.

If being at the 7-8 year mark means game over, why are we even hyped about an expansion.

Just crank out game modes with each release.

Retire the bad, keep the good.

With love,

Crab Fear


I'll never stop writing on the forums this way, it's my signature style.

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The funny thing is that in GW1 people seemed to have liked the stuff where it wasn't only "pure" PvP but also side objectives added to the maps.I have not played GW1 actively. But I read people talking about Fort Aspenwood having been great. And from what I have seen (I just play it single player for the campaign now to experience the lore) that map seems to have (at least according to the descriptions) lots of more stuff than just the people fighting a deathmatch.

Problem is the execution here in GW2. And how the devs try to add new stuff. Haven't been here when Stronghold was new. But with the achievements for the "mist chapions" it seems they intended for it to be something big. (Otherwise they wouldn't have made a separate UI tab for this.) Yet it only has 1 map and it does barely get played ... and only in unranked.

Failed attempt ... it seemps. And it is obvious that it tried to copy those MOBA games. Not something we like to have in GW2. Doesn't just mean you can copy some other game and try do add it's mechanics when they don't fit in GW2.

2 vs. 2 and 3 vs. 3 is a good step forward - to give fun to people that don't like the conquest mechanics. But it is an easy way. And boring for people that want new "interesting" game modes. (Though they might try them next and only using the "easy" stuff to test the mini season thing.)

A capture the flag would be interesting.And some 10-15 vs. 10-15. (They also could add gliding here but not mounts. Too hard to balance that many mounts.)

For the bigger one (10-15 vs. 10-15) it could even be interesting to have something like Stronghold. (But less NPCs! Only 1 lord and the players doing doorbreaking and using sieges.) Same game mode should be playable by guilds and normal queue. Important thing here: The objcectives need to divide the players ... so it does not turn into zerging and both full teams being at one place.

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