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Source of low-level armor/weapon

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There's a few ways I can think of, but they might not all be useful, depending on why you want it.

The simplest way is probably to craft it. The items characters can craft are based on their crafting level, not their overall level and they never lose access to lower tiers. But it might be more expensive than other options and there's only a limited selection of skins available so if you're looking to unlock specific ones it might be impossible to do it by crafting. If you haven't levelled the recommended craft yet the up-front cost could be very expensive too. And of course if you're trying to farm low/mid tier crafting materials this method is completely useless.

There's also heart vendors who sell stuff based on the recommended level for the heart, but each one only has a limited selection, and those items cannot be salvaged so if you want low level equipment to turn into crafting materials it's not a great method. (It is possible, but you have to put 4 of them into the Mystic Forge to get back 1 item to salvage, so you have to be very careful about what you buy or you can waste a lot of karma.)

Similarly there's cultural weapon and armour vendors who sell low level equipment for karma, but only at levels 40 and 60. The weapons can't be salvaged and the armour doesn't give much back if you salvage it and again there's only a few skins available, but this is the only way to get those skins.

If you can tell us why you want it we can help you work out the best way to get what you want.

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