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Please let us get rid of, or block junk drops


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Waaaaay back when in original beta, the devs explained the junk loot as being there to satisfy a psychological need for the players. If nothing dropped, or just coin dropped that went invisibly into your pocket, player feedback in alpha was that it felt pointless. So they added the grey items, which have got some trophy flavor to them, to provide that visceral sense of looting something.

There is the button others have mentioned to clear it all out in one click (assuming none fell into an invisible bag). And there are collections and achieves like Honorary Skritt where you actually need some of the junk. Some few grey items count towards heart completions, eg the underwater heart in Kessex where you can buy the items on the TP if you don't want to spend time collecting them when mapping. Removing them from the game would thus be a more finicky process than appears at first blush.

It may be a frustrating bit of clutter, but it does have a purpose and it does provide coin value even if that's usually small. And sometimes it's a lot. Lunar New Year trash from the lucky envelopes can be over 8 gold for one item! So I don't mind if you get an optional toggle to never get grey items. I will continue to hum every little bit adds up as I click to sell.

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The junk drops are annoying, and I'd just like coin value. The 'having items drop to show reward' was diminished quite a bit with the unidentified gear, since I just wait until I get a stack of it before I deal with it, so I don't really notice how much of it I get.If showing reward was meaningful, just have coins accumulate in the players inventory, and players double click them to put them in the wallet. Though since most of it is worth so little, I imagine you could pretty quickly have several stacks of copper, though I guess that is still better than 30 different junk items.Or just a menu item to 'sell junk' anywhere in the world would be fine, though I imagine that would diminish the value of the summonable merchants.

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Or continue to click sell junk at the vendor to sell off the five junks items you have and nothing needs to be done, seriously, how many different junk items do you accumulate between trips to a vendor area? At most after hours of play I might get 8 or 10 different types and almost all of those stack.

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