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holo ruins the gamemode

c u again.3267

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@Raiden The Beast.3016 said:Ladder EU mid season 250 = 1504 ... dead game anyway , lets w8t for the next year feb bala patch and CMC promise to make everything better

No patch is gonna save this game when it's community even refuses to get good at it, not saying that like Holo isn't a problem, but there's a lot of stuff to play around with and nobody cares to even try those out. Find the cheese, stick to the cheese till it's gone. Rinse and repeat.

Every builds I could find on every class would probably get nerfed in one way or another because if they offend one person, eventually everyone else will follow and ask for the nerf. No matter how hard or effective they need to be used. If it can win in a consistent way with good use, it's OP.

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