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Sunqua final boss not fixed

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“Fixed an issue in which the Sorrowful Spellcaster would not appropriately exit her Whirlwind Shield after all the storm clouds were dispersed.“

Our fractal group on T4 tonight got the boss down to 20%, and then died. We restarted and couldn’t make it past the stormcloud part. Even though we dispersed everything, the phase would not end and lightning kept attacking us and killing us.

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My pug group actually wiped at the final whirlpool phase on T4, and then ran into this bug. We gg'd a few times already at that point (our first or second times doing it so we'd reset a few times without issue previously) and reset another like 4 times but then just moved on. No issue when we tried in T3 for rec. They voted to quit too fast so I didn't get a good screenshot or in-game bug report done but it happened about 2 hours ago as of posting this.

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