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New berserker trait concept for Scorched Earth (longbow F1)


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My main character is warrior and I'm in love with the Berserker Elite speicalization.I want to give a suggestion about the Primal Burst with longbow called Scorched Earth (the F1 skill).What the skill does is "Fire a burning shot into the ground that creates a trail of flaming destruction." with range 1200 and radius 120.
This skill is awesome BUT in raids its potential is kinda wasted for the reason you are mainly fighting a single boss and most of the times your squad is fighting stacked on him.If we take for example this as the trail of the skill and the boss(B) is close to the player(P)P[ B ][][][][]As you can see 4 /5 of the trail is wasted.This won't matter that much if the boss was static but bosses like Matthias, Souless Horror, Dhuum or Twin Largos, where condition dps is recommended, are quite often moved around because of mechanics. So what happens to the Scorched Earth skill if the boss gets moved left or right from your skill?For examle:. . BP[][][][][__]. . BHe avoids the radius of the skill and your skill is wasted.What my suggestion is a trait to be created, unique for situations where you'll be attacking a single/multiple targets in close range and turn the current skillfrom thisP[][][][][__]to this[][]P[][][__][][]This way the player won't be punished with dps-loss that much from moving bosses/enemies. The skill will look a bit like Fan of Fire (skill 3 lonbow) but leaving a trail below it.

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I think the potential to land two of the fields on the boss for multiple ticks of burning more than averages it out. You can't think of just the niche situations. Versus non bosses you can use Pin Down to lock the target in place. That and it is a 4.25s CD with Versatile Power. Hit them with Fan of Fire and use the next Scorched Earth.

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