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@Crozame.4098 said:

@kharmin.7683 said:And reduce the revenue stream? Why would Anet want to do that?

I actually don't mind pay a few gems to make the gathering tools shared among characters. I believe with this feature more ppl with buy the gem gathering tools.however, I dont think ppl with buy multiple tools for all Chars.

We did. Back in the day they were soulbound and I had 8 of one type. Then they change to acc bound and actually refunded the duplicates which cost them a lot of gems I bet. And before shared inventory slots we had to put in bank pull out every time if you wanted them on different characters.Now as suggested above you buy 3 extra shared inventory place a set of oric tools in them. When you log off a character to another you equip the orich and it puts your 3 unlimited in the shared. Make sure every character has orich equipped so you can repeat the process everytime.

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You aren't asking for a 'special' kind of tool, you are asking for a new kind of equipment slot.Changes to the UI are much more difficult.
Although, there might be increases in purchases of that new slot, it would be a one-time purchase; unless, of course, each character had to purchase the slot (which is probably what would happen). And, that brings us right back to where we are.

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Just a note, right now one can do this, but it is a manual process. Put your good tools in shared inventory slots, and equip normal tools. Then you just double click on the shared inventory slot with the good tool to swap with normal, and repeat when done with that character.That is what I do, and I don't ever have plans to to buy more gathering tools from the gemstore. But I would be willing to pay something to not have to do that manual switching, and get those 3 shared inventory slots back for something else.In theory, Anet should be able to mine this data (how many people have gathering tools in the shared slots, how many people have bought one set (or close to that) for their entire account, etc. If that number is large, it would suggest a lot of people are doing what I do. If the number of tools in shared slots is low, or the number of accounts that have bought many sets is much greater than those that have bought one, that suggests there may not be a lot of money to be made.But it is hard to know how many people might buy tools from the gemstore if they could more easily share them among all their characters, but in the mean time, are just willing to breakable tools from vendors (especially since you can now get some that act like they have certain glyphs from certain vendors in the major cities)

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