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Are Runes of Perplexity Still Useful?


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I still use them but here's hoping the next E-Spec in EoD gives us more access to Confusion. I'm still hoping for an "Upon Critical Hit/Upon Weapon Swapping" sigils that inflict Confusion.But to answer your question, it's useful for ME and my playstyle, but likely not for others because everyone plays differently. (Modes vary as well to keep in mind)

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It's good but never as good as Tormenting.Yu don't really need damage reduction on a target anymore as Mesmer anyway, yu really need sustain so that yu can heal through sustained chip damage as the fight progresses.

Since Mesmers can't naturally sustain themselves unless they burn actives, something like Tormenting is much much more valuable since yu can apply Torment while attacking and kiting.

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