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Decided to log in to WvW today


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  1. Diviners has 30% of its stat in Concentration.
  2. Power damage got nerfed across all Professions by 33%
  3. Shackling Wave has been nerfed several times prior to Power damage nerf.
  4. Opponent may have DR or toughness.

Yu have to change some gear to Berserker to ever hope to hit anyone hard these days.

Even the occasional 7k damage is rare unless yu hit someone who is running full glass.

My average hits with autos are 1.5k crit, Sword 2 is 3k, Sword 3 is 1.5k per tick, Sword 4 is 2.1k and Sword 5 is 5k.

I'm running full Zerker.

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Complaining about 1K damage using diviner gear on a skill that immobs that may be further nerfed due to PvP complainers isn't wise.Shackling wave currently has a 1.0 coefficient so 1K damage is inline with what you would expect on a target with any damage reduction (tooltip is based off of 2597 armor).

If you want a proper test regime you should be using armistice bastion golems. Karka potions, food/utility, protection, keep bonuses, etc all skew results in actual borderlands.

P.S. all damage was reduced around 33-40% across the board in the February 2020 patch.

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With full zerker Rev I've gotten 9k sword auto. If you use diviner expect a dps loss. Also make sure you use dps traits if you really want to pump out dps. Don't forget that enemies can play toughness too and good players think about that kind of stuff when they make builds for roaming.

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