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UI Add Ons?


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@kharmin.7683 said:

@Oxstar.7643 said:I assume there is no addon that shows cooldowns on currently unactive weapons? As an engineer, being able to see when my kit and forge skills are ready without having them in use would mean the world.

Under Options (F11), General Options (first tab) there is a check box for Show Skill Recharge. Will that work?

No, that only shows the remaining time for visible skills to recharge. It does not show the recharge duration for weapons, elements or kits that are not currently active. There is no ingame option for knowing the cooldown on your currently hidden skills. - Ele-Main

As far as I know there is no addon for this. It would be pretty difficult to write an addon for this because of alacrity or chill changing the skill cooldown time. So this couldn't be done by a key-listener but would require a hook like arc dps has. And then we're right at the edge of what's allowed and what's not.

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I just don't get why ANet is so obstinate about this. Their UI is not perfect. It can be improved in many ways. Seeing the cooldowns of all your skills seems so basic that it's just weird that they won't implement it. And then they disallow that people do it themselves. Maybe work with the fans.

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@Oxstar.7643 said:Okay, but being able to see cooldowns off-weapon is not minor. It's a very big deal for ease of use and getting the most out of your damage.

And that's the problem, because as far as I can remember, the reasoning to disallow the development of such addons was, that the advantage especially in compettitive modes would be too big.

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