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Bizarre skill lag after recent updates

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After the most recent update, the game has become nigh unplayable. This is due to the bizarre skill lag that I've been experiencing. The few things I've noticed:

(1): It varies wildly. Sometimes it is only half of a second. Sometimes it is 10 seconds.(2): Auto attacks and jumping are not affected. Everything appears to run smoothly, except for skills.(3): Likewise, there seems to be no discernable lag in enemy actions or behaviors. Normally when there's a connection problem, enemy actions stop, wait uncomfortably, then suddenly jump forward and process everything all at once. With the current problem, however, everything runs smoothly with the exception that skills don't activate.(4): If there is a cutscene that would play, I.E. when entering doors in SAB, the character will get locked in place and will not move for extended periods of time. This once bugged completely and lead to the game crashing.(5): There seems to be no problem in taking damage, either. There have been a few instances where I would get skill-locked, but proceed to receive a nasty beatdown from whatever was near me.(6): Repairing the GW2 Archive does nothing to help.

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