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Icebergs, what you see above the water are often only 30% of the complete mass of the structure despite it's massive size. I'm sure most of you are aware of the current iceberg memes, the ones popularized by the Mario 64 Iceberg video

If you don't know what they are they are memes that float around the internet depicting an iceberg sectioned off into tiers. Each tier contains a list of words or phrases that represent increasing obscure trivia about the subject of the iceberg. The bottom of the iceberg is of course the most obscure knowledge while the top is the most commonly known. Additionally icebergs often attempt to let the "creepier" information sink lower to the bottom, as well as make up several fake entries to throw people off. However in general its simply a way to put a large amount of trivia in one image as well as tier that trivia.

To celebrate the end of the icebrood saga I thought it would be a fun project to make one of these Icebergs for Guild Wars 2, but to be honest I'm only one guy and I'm not really that knowledgeable about deep mysteries that gw2 has had. So I wanted to see if I could get some help from the community. I'm hoping to be able to post this to reddit, the forums, and gw2 discords on july 27th to celebrate the first EoD reveal stream. 

If you'd like to help please list any obscure knowledge you know about Guild wars 2 and if I like it I'll add it to the list! Keep in mind this is anything to do with the game or official releases for GW2, so official releases outside of the game and inside the game are all good, as well as speculation about the game, but unofficial releases are not.

Additionally feel free to add fake entries and make your entry sound vague to make the iceberg more challenging. 

Below I'm going to list all the entries I currently have, both so you can get an idea of the kinds of things I want to put on this iceberg and so you know what will be already on there. Also these are not ordered.

  1. Early Modremoth hints
  2. Where is Dessa's boyfriend
  3. Personality mechanics
  4. Why did the aetherblade assassinate Theo Ashford?
  5. Racism mechanics
  6. Undiscovered Mystic forge weapons
  7. Lost Mystic forge weapon
  8. Rytlock's critter rampage
  9. gw2 canceled mobile game
  10. gw2 canceled mobile game 2
  11. Rift destabilizer
  12. commando class
  13. Balthazar lyssa connection
  14. Wizard Tower
  15. The colossus
  16. Human home planet
  17. Doern Velazquez
  18. Bubbles
  19. unreleased school clothes
  20. [FTT]
  21. sanctum sprint / aspect arena / southsun survival
  22. reaper's rumble
  23. The Shadowmancer
  24. Mod legality
  25. Menzies' fate
  26. E is FarEn
  27. Malyck
  28. What's even going on in the nightmare court
  29. Krait orb
  30. Zojja is drooling
  31. Town clothes
  32. Antitoxin spray
  33. Snaff's importance to Tyria 
  34. sand golems
  35. Krytan royal locket
  36. New krytan
  37. charr script
  38. Nudist character 
  39. Fractals past 100
  40. Old Fractal 50
  41. The consortium's interest in the Fractal project
  42. Anet Arena
  43. Void jumping
  44. meme
  45. Vanilla Mini-pet terrain jumping


Have fun trying to figure out all of the ones I've already come up with and thanks in advance for any help!

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On 5/1/2021 at 8:03 PM, White Kitsunee.4620 said:
  • gw2 canceled mobile game
  • gw2 canceled mobile game 2

They never existed. We know there where two mobile games under development by arenanet. But it is unknown if there is any link with GW2


And among obscure knowledge.
1: Hearts where added relative late in development as feedback from players was that events alone gave not enough stuff to do in maps

2: There are events that never happened anymore. They are backup events to keep things going when it was busy in a part of the map and the regular events where done quickly. e.g. the event Prevent Inquest thieves from stealing boxes of golem parts and fleeing Soren Draa




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