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Istani Bounty Hunter achievement not giving credit [Merged]

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I received another email from the support today.    

not getting credit either , stuck at 1/5 after and have done them all

Can confirm, just did matriarch now because my achievement's progress was stuck at just smoldge, and it COUNTED THE MATRIARCH! I am now going to do Simoom to make sure it's not a glitch. Update: YES

Thank you for fixing this, devs!!


The bounty board does seem a little wonky though. I tried a few bounties today, and several times it was either almost dead or already dead when I arrived less than a minute later. So I think it's letting multiple people take them from the board at the same time. Or maybe that's just how bounties work?? I don't usually get them from the board myself, so I'm not really familiar with the mechanics.


I did eventually get Shamshir today, so that one's working at least some of the time. And I finished the achievement too, woohoo!


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On the return to Istan, I did 6 bounties, only got credit for 1.  BUT the one I got credit for only was earned at the same time I earned the Daily Istan Bounty award.   Looks like the code was done incorrect in that each bounty should earn 1 in ach and just not the code for Daily Istan Bounties.    Anyone know an answer yet for this?

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