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*cape flourish* I have arrived

Hello! I just downloaded GW2, you're welcome, got the PoF ultimate edition, looks super fun. Joking aside, I'm sort of at a loss as to what profession to roll. Spellbreaker looks fun, the fantasy of being a whirling, dagger-wielding magic-destroyer is very appealing to me. I'm also looking at the renegade advanced class or whatever it's called for revenant. I'd like to play a class that's not terrible, but I'm not super obsessive about meta stuff either. Anyone have some suggestions? And reasons why? I'm all ears.


  • Well i think warrior is not a bad class to begin with : nice for leveling and polyvalent depending on the builds :) (to precise you won't be able to play spellbreaker right away, you need max level + some heros points).

    Revenant is different from the others classes with his energy management. I won't recommend it for a first character.

    Aslo don't use the level 80 booster you got with expensions. It's better to level up normally yous first character so you can discover the game and learn to play.

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    Warrior isn't bad, but Necro seems to be the easiest class to start with - especially when you can summon minions. Makes levelling much easier.

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    Honestly you can try every class out if you want. You can make a character pass the tutorial instance and then just enter PvP lobby where everything is unlocked and jsut try to whack some golems till you find what class you like best and then just level that class. BTW classes go as follows:
    Mesmer - I'm here, haha but now i am there, you fool that was not me it was my illusions
    Elementalist - let me just set you on fire and then call down this freaking lightning on your head but it won't do anything
    Necromancer - i am the master of death but i can only summon these 5 types of minions muwahahahaha or i can suck you soul out ( that sounded way dirtier than i thought)
    Ranger - i'll just shoot you dead while my pet tries to pet you on you face
    Thief - i'll go invisible, but only for a small time, then boom i'll do no damage to you cause i'm nerfed to the ground
    Engineer - here take this grenades while i build turrets to shoot your face, or maybe i'll call a mortar strike on you idk
    Warrior - let me charge you till you scream and then slice you up with my greatsword
    Guardian - let me hit you with everything i got while I call down divine help to stay alive
    Revenant - I can contact the spirits of heroes past to help me kill you in 6 different ways
    ofc all of these are satire but you can just pick a class after trying them all you in the PvP lobby and have fun :D
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  • Renegade (the revenant elite spec) is doing pretty well right now. You can play it as dps or support in lots of high level play. But if you just started, it literally is not a big deal. Pve content is pretty easy, and can generally be handled with any class. That said, it is easier with certain classes and builds. I think you should just play what you think is fun. Like skunkstank said, a good way to learn q lot about each profession is to go to pvp!

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    It will all come down to what type of content you want to play, what your preferred role is (glass DPS vs. more support oriented), and then it will fall to which profession you enjoy.

    Warrior for instance is meta for all end game instanced PvE activities, is competitive in both player vs player game modes: (5v5 sPvP and World vs. World) and works fine for open world exploration, metas, etc. Whether or not you will enjoy how Warrior works in any of those environments is a different question.

    But I'd start with Warrior as it is pretty straightforward and fairly sturdy, so that will make it easier on you as you learn the mechanics of the game. The Revenant is a bit more complicated to play in term of how it works with Energy and Cooldowns, so maybe wait on that.